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Motorcycle Service and Maintenance Schedule



Most of the time owner and sometime the mechanic forget to check and service all the related concerns of maintenance. Sometime they skip to due to shortage of time or for hurry. But if you want to get proper service you should beware of this service schedule. Care it if you are doing that by own or at service center.

Motorcycle service and maintenance starts from motorcycle cleaning and polishing. Some of you may surprise and ask how the cleaning polishing related with motorcycle service and maintenance? Here I should say most of the time the small problems are found while people go for cleaning the bike. These small loose ends are just sign of upcoming major problems.

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So my suggestion is try to wash and clean your bike with your own. On washing and cleaning time inspect every possible area externally. Try to find any problems checking each parts workability separately. If any loose end or fault found note it down and ask to your mechanic for detail.

On washing time or when you are free check you should check all over the bike thoroughly. For this job you should maintain a checklist to check each part to find out problems. Do this task regularly after certain interval of riding. Also do this before and after a major ride. So here is the motorcycle service and maintenance check list in below next part.

Motorcycle Service and Maintenance Schedule – Regular Service Checklist

Follow this checklist for checking and inspecting for motorcycle service and maintenance.

  • First check the both tires. Check for decay, side wall damage or punctures. If any damage found take necessary action. If the tire is worn according to the tire mark or old more than four years then replace it.
  • Check for appropriate tire pressure. Over tire pressure causes inefficient braking, uncomfortable shock absorbing and causes wheel skidding. Low tire pressure causes imbalance, looses acceleration and top speed.
  • Check the rims for proper alignment, bending and tempering.
  • Inspect wheels for bearing wear. Do it carefully putting the bike on center stand or paddock.
  • Check both wheel brakes. Check pads, shoes, drum, disk, fluid hose etc.
  • Check brake levers free play position and easy controlling position. If necessary readjust it.
  • Thoroughly check the control cables. Ensure free play, if necessary clean and lubricate. Don’t hesitate to replace the worn or damaged cables.
  • Check the neck of the bike for ball racer condition. Turn the handle bar both side for free turning and inspect it.
  • Check the both suspension for noise free operation. Check for oil leakage and sealing condition.
  • Align the motorcycle drive chain. Check the sprockets. Clean, lubricate and realign the chain.
  • Check the control switches, lights and signals. Never disconnect the default service lights like brake light or signals.
  • Check all the light, horn and signals.
  • Inspect the battery, fluid and charge condition. If necessary recharge the battery separately.
  • Check the fuel line, fuel cock for leakage.
  • Carefully inspect for any other loose end by a test ride. Be aware of noises and search out the reason of noises and solve it.
  • Clean and lubricate all the moving part like levers, pedals, stands.

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Motorcycle Service and Maintenance Schedule – Performance Services

Guys, the above mentioned schedule is the basic schedule of service and maintenance. But when you are going for your motorcycle service and maintenance you may need some advance level servicing. So here are those…

  • Get checked the spark plug. Clean and adjust the electrode gap with recommended measure. Replace it in case of wear.
  • Check, inspect the air filter. Keep the air filter always clean. Never use damaged air filter. It directly related to the engine performance and efficiency. Also inspect the filter housing for dirt and dust. Drain the water, oil or any other liquids from the housing.
  • Change the engine lube oil after recommended intervals of riding. Use recommended grade of engine oil. Clean or replace the oil strainer, centrifugal filters.
  • Inspect the cooling system. In air cooled bike never set anything in the path of airflow. In liquid cooled bike inspect and refill the coolant. Inspect the cooling fan workability. Check for the leakage of coolants. Change the coolant after each six month of use.
  • In a carburetor, bikes check for recommended engine idle RPM. Adjust or correct it. If needed tune or wash the carburetor internal parts. Do carefully this type of service from experienced mechanic.
  • In case of FI, engine clean the fuel injector nozzle when opening the engine head for any other repair or services.
  • Adjust the valve, tappet, timing chain with experienced mechanic. If any fault found in any of the parts than replace it.

Motorcycle Service and Maintenance Schedule – Notes Keep in Mind

If you are matured enough with the motorbike service and maintenance you can inspect the tasks mentioned at first checklist by your own. But if you are not habituated with the terms and mechanicals you should keep these inspection schedules when checking in service shop for service and maintenance.

For the second and intermediate motorcycle service and maintenance, you should have to be knowledge about motorcycle mechanicals. So be careful of doing those of your own. When you are sure and experienced then do those with your own. Try to learn and be smart; but don’t be over smart. It will harm your beloved motorcycle.

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So guys that was all about our Motorcycle Service and Maintenance Schedule. Here we listed out the primary and intermediate level service schedules so that you can get your bike serviced properly. If you maintain your bike periodically with this motorcycle service and maintenance schedule I think your bike will serve you the best. Therefore keep asking for you’re your requirements and question to us. We will try to respond as soon as possible. Thank you all.

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