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With the popularity of large-displacement motorcycles, more and more knights want to make their cars look more “unusual” in pursuit of excitement. They are obsessed with modifying motorcycles to improve performance and appearance. Which part of the motorcycle do you generally modify? Let’s take a look at the motorcycle modifications that we often overlook.


The original motorcycles generally use halogen bulbs, and the brightness of the pavement is generally good. The installation of xenon headlights can solve this problem well and avoid traffic accidents caused by dim lighting. But don’t choose too bright, so as not to affect the opposite driver.

We do not recommend installing a lens or xenon lamp separately, as the xenon lamp will be scattered and the lens will be destroyed. It is recommended to install the two together, and then purchase the assembly with the headlights and the lens with helium, so as not to damage the integrity.

Motorcycle bumper

The bumper minimizes the damage of the motorcycle, and some people not only have a bumper but also a lower engine guard. Whether to install the location of the waterproof rubber zone, if the installation location is recommended on the frame, if the installation location needs to be fixed on the engine, it is strongly recommended not to install. Repair and install with professional motorcycle tools.

Hand guard

Car guards are more common modifications, but they are still ignored by many people. Many people think that it is a useless object. This kind of accessories is to protect the driver from protecting the hand after the vehicle is crashed, to avoid serious injury. We need to release the handle in time after we crash, so what is the significance of this configuration? In fact, the meaning of the hand guard is to avoid accidental pulling and clutching and braking caused by the collision of external forces on both sides at high speed.

Oil can

The knight who pursues perfection will choose to modify the oil can. The oil can is a cost-effective thing. It can provide a lot of colors for you to choose from, and it has very strong corrosion resistance and good sealing performance. Most oil cans are made of plastic. If they are used for a long time, oil leakage will easily occur. The modified oil can is made of aluminum alloy, which is corrosion resistant and can prevent oil leakage and some dangerous situations.

Rearview mirror

Every car has a uniform standard when it leaves the factory, but some rearview mirrors can’t meet the requirements of every knight. After all, not every knight’s height and wingspan are the same, many people will think The field of view is very small, and you can’t see the things behind and the vehicles at all. So you will choose to replace a larger, handsome rearview mirror.

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