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Wheels will lose their balance as time goes, weight distribution of the motorcycle, road conditions and tread wear can cause uneven tires, leading to further uneven tread wear. As a result, the motorcycle may shake or vibrate during use.

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1. Why Need to Balance the Motorcycle Tire?

Balancing motorcycle tires is an important aspect of maintaining a motorcycle. Unbalanced tires can cause uneven wear, resulting in unsafe driving (including loss of control). A properly balanced tire ensures smooth riding. Whenever you buy new motorcycle tires, you should keep them in balance. If you find that the tires start to wear out in an unusual way, you should balance the motorcycle tire.

2. How to Balance Motorcycle Tires and Wheels?

With the right equipment, tools and instructions, you can balance your motorcycle tires and wheels.

1) What do you need to start?

Although there are many ways to balance the wheel, it is always necessary to have the right motorcycle tools. There is motorcycle stand in the market that are designed to balance the wheels. They have extremely low friction, allowing the slightest weight change to rotate the entire wheel. This means that if the weight of the wheel is not perfectly balanced, the heavy side will rotate to the bottom. There are many types of stands in the market. Let’s take a regular motorcycle stand as an example. But remember if you use a different stand, some steps may not work for you. Regardless of your stand, the principle of balancing the wheels remains the same.

2) Construct the stand.

• Mounting feet. The feet are important because they contribute to the level of the entire stand.

• Install the bubble level.

• Use a small screwdriver to tighten the bubbles in place.

• Install the column.

• Tighten the nuts and bolts on the column with a wrench.

• Install the reference pointer. This is used when trimming the wheel, but please note that it is not used when balancing the wheel. It is also not designed to touch the wheel.

3) Adjust the feet.

By adjusting the feet and using the bubble as a guide, you can place the stand completely horizontally. This is important to ensure that your motorcycle wheels are properly balanced.

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4) Assemble the rod.

Position the cone and retaining ring on the rod.

5) Remove the spacer.

The cone must be placed on the bearing race of the wheel. You need to remove the blocker.

6) Insert the rod into the wheel.

Slide the rod over the steering wheel. Place the second cone on the other side.

7) Tighten the retaining ring.

• Tighten the first retaining ring. Place the wheel firmly against it.

• Place the wheel on its side so that it is on the retaining ring that has just been tightened. Place the weight of the wheel completely on the lower cone.

• Tighten the top retaining ring.

• Then the wheel can be mounted to the stand.

8) Find the heavy spot of the wheel.

Turn the wheel slowly. Use your fingers to slow down if necessary. Once the wheel has no tendency to rotate due to the gravity, you have found the heavy sport at the bottom.

9) Temporarily add the wheel weight to the light spot.

Since you have found the heavy spot at the bottom, you know that the light spot is the top. Mark the spot with a piece of tape.

10) Determine the number of weights required.

Rotate the wheel 90°. This will indicate if you have initially chosen too much or too few wheel weight depending on where the wheel is rotating. If the heavy spot continues to lean towards the bottom, the wheel weight chosen is too small. If the light spot starts to lean towards the bottom, you choose too much. It is not a bad idea to rotate the wheel 90° in both directions.

11) Permanently add the wheel weight.

• Remove the wheel weights and the tape temporarily attached on the wheels.

• Clean the surface where the wheel weights will be permanently stick.

• Carefully add weight to the wheel and paste it.

12) Enjoy your balanced wheel

Balancing the wheel is something anyone can do with the right equipment. All you have to do is follow the instructions. Once your wheels are balanced, your ride will be smoother.

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