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Cross-country motorcycle is a kind of motorcycle used in closed off-road routes held by Motorcycle Sports Association or ATV Championship. It comes from England and can be traced back to the game of British Scrambling. And its name is originated from the integrated definition of motorcycle and off-road racing vehicle. Obviously, it is difficult for most people to ride the cross-country motorcycle. Therefore, in order to have a fantastic experience of motorcycle driving, besides preparing some necessary motorcycle tools, we also need to learn some cross-country motorcycle driving skills.

Scenic view of road by landscape with mountain, road and blue sky seen through motor bike, Leh is a town in the Leh district of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.

1.Turn in Situ 

The technology of in-situ steering is actually the same as that of accelerating steering by throttle, but the angle of turning in place is much larger. Namely, it can be 360 degrees or even more. When turning in situ, the lower gear should be used. You should hold the clutch handle by your left hand and incline naturally by using the weight of the motorcycle. When one foot steps out in the direction it turns, the handlebar should also turn in the direction it turns. When the other foot is on the pedal pole and the knee is close to the body, your body should lean outward. When the car tilts to a large enough angle, you should fill the throttle quickly and loosen the clutch. At this point, the rear wheel will begin to rotate around the center of the left foot, and the angle of rotation can be determined by physical strength. 

2.Lift the the Rear Wheel

Lifting the rear wheel is one of the basic skills of driving off-road motorcycles and it is easy to master. The role of rear wheel lifting in performance is unique, and the role of other aspects is not yet clear. The best way to lift the rear wheel is to choose asphalt pavement with high friction, followed by plastic running pavement and cement pavement. And motorcycle wheel chock is a must for safety when not practicing. On other roads, unless you have mastered this skill, you’d better not practice lifting the rear wheel. The requirement of novice motorcycle is that front brake should be hydraulic disc type, otherwise, it is difficult to lock the front wheel at once. It is worth noting that front wheel locking is dangerous, and the most appropriate use of braking is not to lock the wheel. Before lifting the rear wheel, the motorcycle should maintain a certain speed, and keep running in a straight line. After lifting, the front brake should be loosened in time so that the whole motorcycle will not roll forward because of high speed. 


Jumping is common in competitions and has great potential for skill development. If you jump high, you can do some difficult movements and perform better. So the paddock stand should be strong enough to ensure the safety of motorcycle performance site. When approaching the take-off point, the body should take a semi-standing posture. You should accelerate properly because it may be dangerous due to excessive speed. When reaching the optimal take-off point, you should step on the gas and pull the handlebars forward at the same time. When landing, you should make the rear wheel land first. Only in this way can the front and rear wheels absorb the violent impact together. If the front wheel touches the ground first, it may cause the motorcycle to lose balance. This is one of the basic movements of single-peak jump. There are also two-peak and multi-peak jumps. However, because of different landing locations, it requires the driver to adjust his posture properly in the air. The principle is that the front and rear wheels share the impact from the ground together, which contributes to accelerate quickly after landing.

4.Lift the Front Wheel

Lifting the front wheel is very important for enthusiasts. We should not grasp this skill with the intention of attracting others, but should know its actual application in driving. It is a skill of crossing obstacles such as trenches, rocks, steps and crossbars. Specifically speaking, there are two ways of lifting the front wheel. For one thing, you can use the body and throttle to lift the front wheel. First, we should keep the balance and control the speed well. Then we should lean forward as far as possible to make the front fork shrink because of the weight. Finally, the center of gravity of the body moves back rapidly while using the rebound force to lift the handlebar, so that the front wheel will be lifted. For another, when using the clutch to lift the front wheel, we should also keep balance and control the speed well. Then we should grasp the clutch handles, give gas to keep the engine speed within an appropriate range and release the clutch handles quickly. After that the front wheel will be lifted naturally.

If you want to practice these driving skills, you had better prepare a cross-country motorcycle of good quality which is equipped with strong motorcycle bolts. That is all that counts. When running for a long distance, you can carry some motorcycle tools as an emergency. We are a factory engaged in producing motorcycle bolts, motorcycle stand and wheel chock, motorcycle tie down, motorcycle tool, and plastic can. If you are interested in our motorcycle tools, please contact us at any time. 

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